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Aphilion Q² - Equities

Launched on 5 December 2001, our flagship fund Aphilion Q² - Equities was a pioneer in quantitative management in Europe. It is a 100% equity fund that invests in equities worldwide using a series of proprietary mathematical models and techniques. The results are impressive. The figure shows the evolution of Equities relative to a benchmark index of global developed market equities. The fund has managed to create added value through all kinds of market conditions and has achieved an average annual return of more than 8%, net after costs... and this period includes even the worst financial crisis of the past 50 years...

Aphilion Q² - Europe DBI-RDT

This is a pure equity fund that invests in European equities eligible for the so-called RDT deduction. For Belgian companies investing, this means that dividends received and capital gains realised are exempt from corporation tax. But the fund is of course also of interest to anyone looking for a high-performing European equity fund with a proven track-record. Indeed, the portfolio is constructed using the same models and algorithms as our ‘Equities’ flagship fund.

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