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How can you subscribe to Aphilion Q² ?

Aphilion Q² is a Belgian Sicav with a European passport and so it can simply be subscribed to through many financial institutions in Europe. Moreover, you can also subscribe directly, through the financial agent of the fund: Caceis Belgium.

    Questions ?   Please contact ...

    CACEIS on +32 2209.26.45     or


    The fund managers on +32 2217.01.30


    Simply fill out the subscription form, send it to CACEIS and make a bank transfer for the amount of the subscription.

    • Subscription form:

      You can find it together with the prospectus here on the site. Fill it in and send it to:

                CACEIS Belgium
                Attn. Registrar Department
                Havenlaan 86C b. 320
                1000 Brussel

      If this is a first subscription through CACEIS then you must also add a two sided copy of your ID-card and a proof of residence.

      Since 2015, worldwide financial institutions are obliged to obtain and report certain information to allow the US tax authorities to establish whether ultimate beneficial owners and/or organisations are liable to pay US taxes. Please note that this is a standard procedure and eligible to anybody investing in investment funds. You can reply by filling in the (W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E) forms as provided. In case of any questions, please contact us.

    • nominative subscription

      Your name will be added to the share register of the fund, you will receive a contract note with the details of the transaction, a yearly state of your portfolio and you will be personally invited to the General Assembly.

    • Amount in EUR

      You subscribe for an amount (the minimum investment amount is 5000€), and not for a number of shares or units. The reason is that your subscription will only be accepted once the funds have been received by CACEIS, and you cannot know the exact amount corresponding with a certain number of units beforehand: the NAV is only calculated àfter the subscription cut-off. Once the NAV is known CACEIS will calculate how many units correspond to your subscription amount, to three decimal places.

    • Bank transfer

      You transfer the amount of the subscription to account BE47817000045680 (BIC: ISAEBEBB) on the name of Aphilion Q² - Equities with reference "subscription Aphilion Q² - Equities".  A direct subscription will never incur up-front fees.


    This is the most convenient way. You ask your bank to subscribe to the Belgian sicav "Aphilion Q² - Equities"  with ISIN-code BE0058285850 and financial agent CACEIS Belgium.
    Your bank should know how to proceed, but should any questions arise they can always contact
     CACEIS, on +32 2209.26.45. The bank can charge an up-front fee that is negotiable but with a maximum of 2.5%.

    Subscriptions are also possible through a fund platform. The Aphilion Q² funds are available  at online brokers Keytrade, Saxo bank, or MeDirect.

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